Bliss Day Spa 
Kingston, WA



 Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $185

180 minutes

Individually applied premium silk eyelash extensions. Choose from a soft and natural look to a bold, mascara glamourous look. We completely customize your lashes based on your desires and your existing eyelashes.

For Best results:

*Remove eye makeup before arrival*

**If you wear contacts or glasses, these will need to be removed before the service**


90 Minutes

 Diva 1-week             $40

Standard 2-week      $65

        Re-Fringe                 $75-150

 De-Fringe Removal  $30

What is a Re-Fringe?  If you've taken a break from extensions but were previously our client we will offer you a discount. Or if you go beyond 2 weeks and we need to spend additional time with you, we will charge accordingly.