Bliss Day Spa LLC


Body Treatments

Kona Coffee Scrub    $75

Coffee is an effective antioxidant and exfoliant.

Detox Scrub    $75

Essential oils and Epsom salts combine to both relax and support the release of toxins in the body/mind/spirit.

Lovin' Feeling Scrub    $75
Essential oils and salts combine to elevate the mood and open the heart.

Reflection and Retreat Scrub    $75

A combination of essential oils to support calmness and clarity of the body/spirit/mind.

Sedona Mud & French Red Clay Wrap

The Sedona and French Red Clay Mud Masque is the most effective antioxidant and anti-aging formulation.  This blend purges toxins, leaving the skin soft and mineralized with a noticeable glow.  Vitamin E, grape seed, bladderwrack, Irish moss and sage essential oils are infused to detoxify, hydrate and heal as the clay and mud blend dries.  The full body masque washes easily away with steamed towels.

Inch Loss Body Wrap    $75

Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Spa Wraps have been around for years.  They are not a compression wrap.  They work!  The aloe and concentrated herbal tea solution tightens skin and targets fat cells.

Showering immediately beforehand with the Lavender Body Wash removes oils and lotions from the skin for better absorption.  Next is a full body dry brushing to stimulate circulation.  The aloe and tea concentrate is applied in gel form and then you are wrapped for 45 minutes.  You are warm and comfortable.  Some people choose to book a facial or eyelash extension fill at the same time.  After the unwrapping any excess solution (if any) is rubbed into the skin.  You will not shower after this wrap.  You will be clean, refreshed and ready to go.  Best results are achieved in a series booked every 4-5 days.

Series of 4 body wraps     $200

Talk to our experienced massage therapists and estheticians about a body scrub or wrap catered specifically to your needs.  We will blend essential oils, salts, mud and clays to give your body the results you desire.

Also check our website often for specials and new additions.